Upcoming Nigerian artist Berri tiga who was featured in the wizkid dedicated song MACHALA has voiced out  again on his social media handle that Carter and his team offer him 100k for the song he strived on. 

Earlier last month there were up and downs drama between him and popular skit maker Carter efe about the song MACHALA which pull waves and also make it to the no. 1 spot in the most cherished platform Nigerian Apple music.

Berri tiga in a video said the negotiation was a 95-5% but was earlier adjourned to 70-30. He again said "I wrote and sang machala but you're taking all the glory without taking me along with you" 

Carter efe on the other said in an interview that he got the inspiration about the song but he couldn't sing so he summoned Berri tiga for the collabo. 

Just recently Berri tiga again took to his Instagram handle that Sydney talker called and offer him 100k for the song but he turned down the offer and Carter efe called him ungrateful. 

Tragedy still going up and down 
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