M.i abaga who is regarded by many as the greatest Nigerian and African rapper dropped his THE GUY ALBUM yesterday night which stroke up reactions in his state taraba. In one of the songs in his album quotes where m.i hailed taraba state which really touched the hearts of tarabans.

Tarabans were happy simply because m.i proudly said he belongs to them earlier when Jesse jagz his younger brother said he will bring Grammy to jos.

But something came up; some of the tarabans weren't happy with m.i at all. Lots of tweets has been going round, some claimed he's not more of a helper just like his mates olamide and co. Whilst on the incident some t├árabans also strike up claiming m.i has done his best and does not need to help anyone to signify his greatness. Lots of people supported m.i's project and hailed him for the great work he's done. 

Strong supporters of m.i are panther Perry, sarkin sauti, ramie d, jeblinx joseph

Whilst pharaoh yimuzy and his team were against m.i wholeheartedly. He even said "it's better for him to watch porns with his data than download m.i's album. 

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