[Lyrics + Trailer] Watch Trailer video to 'Tbonestix - Hail Jesus' & Lyrics


[Lyrics + Trailer] Watch Trailer video to 'Tbonestix - Hail Jesus' & Lyrics




Oh no... 

He gave his own life, 

Just to take away my sorrow (oh no) 

 I wrote this praise song, , that's why I do this Solo,... (Oh no) 

He was nail outside just to take way my sorrow (oh no) 

He fought my battles, he defend than yobo

They say Jesus made the blind to see

He made a way, yes the part the sea

He raise the dead now, the dumb can speak

He died and rose up yes I believe 

Gave me a new a song, now I can sing

The melody popping out of me

No faking this, cos the tomb empty

Jesus is Christ, , Come All hail the king

(Chorus)-- Hail jesus

Praising him na him business 

Jesus christ is the light

He paid the price for our Life

(Rap) --Yes its call Grace

He put a new garment and its feel like lace

On the third day yes he rose from the Grave

sound from heaven u can feel the base

(oya give him praise) 

All hail the king 

Let's praise the king

His royal majesty see, long live the king

No next of kin, the real prince of peace 

Even the national assembly can't dethrone the jing

After four days still raise thr dead

With just seven days he did create the earth. formed mankind, he still gave us breathe Fed a thousand people with 5 loaves of bread

12 basket dey the back he still remain 

Turn many table water just into wine

He cast many devils Just into swine

Cos he's way and the truth he can lead the blind

(Repeat) chorus

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