Alas: Houston finds her Afro-beats Star


Alas: Houston finds her Afro-beats Star

Many years after discovering Beyonce, Houston find Stella Ebegbune AKA, D’lyte, a generational singer from Africa.

This powerhouse performer known not just for her vocals, but also for her emotional and evocative stagecraft, was heavily influenced by the likes of Angelique Kidjo, Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Onyeka Onwenu and Mariam Makeba.

D’lyte has gotten some stage miles performing all over Africa and most recently in the United States.

From 7 PM on Sunday November 21, 2021, Houston, Texas, will experience one of her special events schedule to hold at Ebony Food and Music. This event is tagged “Hang out with D’lyte”. It will feature a host of other award winning artists from across the United States.

In little more than three years, D’lyte has come from Nigeria to establish herself as one of the biggest afro-beats brands in the US.

This is a proof that hard work and determination pays, especially in a beleaguered and besieged music industry like that of the United States.

She is a one-off, and this was apparent from the start. If you are around the Houston/Dallas axis, the good news is that D’lyte is “the artist you cannot manufacture”.

On Sunday night, she will come through with a performance surpassing previous performances. It is a feat for which she has been lauded, applauded and awarded across Africa.

Just recently D’lyte put out her maiden single in the US. You can find the slightly daring but quite enlightening video of the song titled “Dear God” on YouTube

If you are a fan of her heavy percussive African music, hearing it live is something else.

Off the record – If you are gonna be performing alongside her on Sunday, D’lyte is a powerful individual who can make other artists nervous. The self-assured songster takes no prisoners. Her voice fills up halls, and its natural ampage is sufficiently voluminous to make any event place, no matter how big, feel like an intimated nightclub.



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