How to sell gift cards for cedis (Online Instant Payment)


How to sell gift cards for cedis (Online  Instant Payment)

Have you tried to figure out how to sell gift cards for Cedis? Bothered about the possibility of

getting instant online payment after successfully converting your gift cards to cedis?

A lot of times, with the rise of numerous sites and apps promising easy online gift card

transactions, all with different procedures, it becomes confusing for a beginner to understand the

basic procedure to sell gift cards.

After hours of a tireless search through the internet, you might be left without reasonable

answers. We understand that it is not advisable to initiate any process to buy or sell gift card

without understanding the processes involved in doing so.

How can I turn a gift card into cash instantly? What app can I use to trade my gift card? How can

I sell my Ghanaian gift card? If you are seeking answers to any of these questions, we promise to

offer the solutions that you seek.

In this article, we will be teaching you how to sell your gift cards for cedis, and how to make use

of the best African Gift Card Trading platform (Astro Africa) to initiate online instant payment.

How to sell gift cards for cedis (Online Instant Payment)

using Astro Africa



Astro Africa does not only rank as the best site to redeem gift card in Ghana and the best app to

sell gift card in Ghana but they are also known for swift and instant payment.

The process of where you can sell gift card for cash in Ghana never got this easier. Astro Africa

offers traders a seamless process to sell gift cards for cedis with few clicks and easy operations.

Here are easy ways to sell gift cards for Cedis and receive instant online payment

1. Download the app or visit the site, Astro Africa

2. Login and signup with your email address and password

3. Scroll the dashboard to view our favorable rates

4. Choose your preferred wallet to receive cash

5. Choose the preferred Gift card that you wish to sell

6. Upload the card that you wish to sell and wait for prompt confirmation

7. We confirm the transaction upon verification of uploaded Giftcards.

8. Proceed to withdraw your money to your preferred bank account. You can access it as

mobile money or use it for any mobile transactions of your choice. This includes; Buying

airtime, purchasing data plans, pay your electricity bills and cable.

Why should you trade your Giftcards with Astro Africa?

There are a lot of factors that you should consider before choosing a platform to sell your gift




1. Credibility

Astro Africa is a renowned Pan-African Fintech organization with different branches with strong

dominance in Africa. Customers are given full assurance for transparency during transactions.

With proven records in the business, Astro Africa stands out as the best Gift card trading

company in Africa, with prompt payments. This includes standing out with the best gift card rate

in Ghana.

Our customer reviews and confirmation reports are proof of our credibility.

2. User Experience

Nobody loves to get hooked up in the complex process of trying to sell gift cards for cedis. Astro

Africa provides users and customers with an easy-to-use app, with a decluttered user interface

that makes it easy to navigate.

Astro Africa didn’t just top as the best app to sell gift card in Ghana with its simple and beautiful

design, but with the swift and easy steps of processing transactions. Astro App is enhanced to

eliminate the possibility of system lags, and strong security supports against cyber attacks. We

assure users of a transparent gift card trading experience.

3. There are no hidden charges

Unlike most Gift card trading platforms, Astro Africa will convert gift card to cash without any

additional charges. Registration on Astro App is free, as well as operations carried out on the




4. Best Gift Card Rate

The goal of every successful business is to make more profit. At Astro Africa, we value our

customers, so we offer amazing rates for your Gift cards. We offer high rates that make selling

your gift cards an appreciative offer.


Lots of users need a headstart to figure out how to make money from buying and selling gift

card. All you have to do is to select the preferred gift card that you have for sale, match the price,

and make some profit from your sales.

Begin your Gift Trading journey with Astro Africa, and smile along with the amazing benefits.

Click to get started today!




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