How To Detect Scam Gift Cards Platforms in Nigeria


How To Detect Scam Gift Cards  Platforms in Nigeria

Anyone can create a standard website or native application. Hence, you shouldn’t expect scam websites To look shabby. Beautifully designed and well-structured websites may be the front for a scam. The aesthetics don’t matter when it comes to scam. A gift scam exchange will get your gift card details and Not remit payment. You’ll contact support, but there will be no one to answer you. There is little to what you can do when you fall victim to gift card scams. There is no government protection for gift card traders in Nigeria. It's also going to be difficult to get the platform's operators arrested because the address and other contact details you'll see are bogus.



Hence, when you want to trade your gift cards for cash, how can you avoid falling victim to scams? We Explore preventive solutions in this article.


Scammers won't necessarily create a dedicated website for their escapades. Some may leverage alreadye Existing peer to peer platforms. You must be able to identify these too. Here is a list of what you can do to avoid scammers in the Nigerian gift cards trading space.

Don't Be Greedy



Greed can lead you to accept offers that you'll normally see to be scams. Some scammers promise non-Feasible rates to lure unsuspecting and greedy people. Hence, you should be aware of industry-standard rates, so you can know when someone is stringing you along in their scheme. When their rates are becoming too good to be true, it’s time to take some steps backwards. You can't become wealthy from trading gift cards for a few years. Trading gift cards will at most afford You just some extra cash per time. Hence, know what to expect and be content. Being greedy is the Beginning of you running at a loss in whatever digital endeavour you get involved in.

How To Detect Scam Gift Cards  Platforms in Nigeria

Confirm the Contact Details Are Functional

When you find a new website you are interested in, ensure that you check their contact details. Though contacting the stated support or customer care details isn't enough, it's a start. When conversing with support, you should ask questions. If, however, you are in a hurry and want instant cash from your gift card, go to platforms like Gift Cards Hub.



While querying the contact or support behind the website, you can identify if it’s a scam. Scammers Won’t give you straight answers. Even if a new platform sounds so convincing, don’t make hasty decisions. Do further research, except you are comfortable with losing money.

Check for Business Registration

Gift Card exchanges are businesses. Hence, you should, at least, check for the platform’s registration with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). Again, registration with CAC doesn’t rule out the possibility of the operators being scammers. However, with registration, there is a glimmer of hope at Locating the operators if something goes wrong.

Research In-depth



Scam platforms won’t have much information you can track on the internet. Hence, conduct your research from trusted platforms. Please get to know the creators behind the platform, check through Their social and digital footprints. You’ll know shady people when you see them.

In-depth research may take time. However, in the end, it’s worth it. Read through comments, search for the gift card trading platform on Twitter, and check their mentions. No amount of due diligence is too much when money is involved.

Don't Feel Obligated To Use the Platform.

Even if you know the creator of the platform, don’t feel obligated to use any platform. Be logical in your decision to choose the best gift card trading app in Nigeria. Sentiments can land you in trouble. Even if an acquaintance introduces you to a platform, still do your due diligence. When conduct in-depth research, you may find something your referrer missed.


It's possible to do your due diligence and still be scammed. Scammers are evolving per time and trying to beat people's common sense. Hence, it would be best to go for reputable platforms. On Gift Card Hub, You can securely trade whatever gift card you are interested in, at the best rate, without risk of scam.

Start trading safely.

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