With the advent of gift cards came the flexibility to buy/sell anything online and offline. Gift

cards are prepaid cards issued by retailers or banks as an alternative means to purchase goods

from their stores or gifted to friends to shop online. However, gift cards are of two types,

physical or digital. The physicals kinds are used in stores while the digital kinds are used online.

The global gift cards market size was valued at $381300 million in 2020 and predicted to reach

$575940 million by 2026. This report should be enough to spark your interest and propel you to

hop on the gift cards trend.



Apparently, in Nigeria, giftcards are not a popular means for making payments. Rather, they’re

traded for cash on various platforms. If one is not careful, one might be scammed or ripped off

their tokens. Therefore, it is important to research on any platform that trades gift cards before

using them.

In a bid to limit your search, we researched and selected 6 of the best mobile platforms to trade

gift cards in Nigeria.

Giftcards Hub

Giftcards hub is a gift card trading platform that out performs every other platform. It is fantastic

in its entirety and let's users sell gift cards without any hassle. It is arguably the best website to

sell gift card trading in Nigeria. Giftcards hub is only available via their website here.

Giftcards hub is customer-oriented, and have achieved that over the years by providing a safe

and convenient environment for anyone to trade. One thing that is common amongst traders is

their quests for the best rate. Well, this website provides the best profit rates that keeps their

customers coming back. Giftcards hubs accepts ebay, amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Steam Wallet, Sephora, Nordstrom, USA visa GiftCard 100-500, APPLE STORE, USA AMEX GOLD

3779, USA vanilla visa, USA Walmart giftcard, and Nike Giftcard. Trade gift cards for cash and

be sure of payment within five minutes after purchase.



No withdrawal charges or any other hidden charges like the other conventional banks in nigeria.

Giftcards hub offers their customers transparency on a platter. Traders that have used this

platform have attested to it's seamless and swift transactions.


The user interface of cardvest is friendly, intuitive, and easily navigated by less savvy users.

Nigerians hate stress and this app is stress-free. Cardvest is one of Nigeria’s most trusted and

reliable gift cards exchangers. It is available on only android and can be downloaded on Google

Play Store or accessed on the web.

With Cardvest, users can be sure to get trade gift cards for cash instantly without any hassle.

They offer the best rates, and the rates are constantly updated depending on Chinese rates. In

fact, as we have noticed, only current rates are displayed on Cardvest. If as a trader you want to

be pampered by perfect customer service, then Cardvest is for you.

Astro Africa

Astro Africa is a customer-oriented, trusted, and secure platform for selling and buying gift

cards. For seamless, fast, and easy transactions, trust Astro Africa to deliver. Nigerians and

Ghanaians alike get to benefit from this platform. Immediately transactions are made and

confirmed; payments are made directly to your Nigerian bank accounts. Nigerian users can easily

sell their gift cards to naira using Astro Africa.

Astro Africa can be downloaded for android on Google PlayStore or accessed on the web.




Cardtonic is a verified, reliable, and trusted platform to trade gift cards in Nigeria. It is available

on the web, downloaded for android from Google Play Store or downloaded for iOS from the

App Store. All the platforms can be easily navigated by users, whether advanced or new sellers.

Cardtonic offers some of the best rates for gift cards instant exchange to cash. The platform

accepts iTunes, Steam Wallet, Walmart, Amazon, Google Play, eBay, Sephora, and so on.

Even more, Cardtonic is customer-friendly, intuitive, and swift with payments. Users need not be

afraid of scammers when using this platform because of its double encryption. With Cardtonic,

you can choose any platform of your choice, web or app, and exchange gift cards without any

worry and at your convenience.


Patricia, recently introduced to Nigeria, is another platform that sells gift cards for cash instantly.

Patricia is either accessed on Google PlayStore for android or apple store for iOS.

Patricia has a user-friendly interface that allows users to trade gift cards and BTC using naira

and/or BTC wallets. It stores the user’s token in their BTC wallet or local currency wallet. The

app is well integrated, users are also allowed to switch between both for everyday transactions.

Patricia offers its users over 30 gift cards to trade with which they could trade. In addition,

Patricia offers the best gift card rates depending on factors (mostly card type and volume) that

are beneficial to their users. Their customer service is top-notch, and any trader will enjoy it.


GiftCardsToNaira is one of the best apps to sell gift cards in Nigeria. The first good thing we

noticed about this platform is how easy its registration and verification process is. The user interface is friendly, appealing, and offers nothing but convenience to traders. It is available for

android on Google Play Store and the App Store for iOS.

With the GiftCardsToNaira app, users can buy and sell more than 20 different gift cards. It offers

one of the highest exchange rates in Nigeria.

GiftCardsToNaira allows users user to exchange gift cards to naira, BTC, or Ethereum. Payment

is swift and made within 5 minutes of the transaction. This platform makes trading gift cards

look like ABC, hence it can be used by anyone.


There is hardly any retail outlet in Nigeria that accepts Gift cards purchases. So, Nigerians

usually exchange gift cards for cash. The platforms listed above have been tested by us and it

meets all standard requirements. Now, the ball is in your court to choose the platform that best

suits you.

Frequently asked questions about gift cards

Does giftcards hub trade all gift cards?

Yes! giftcards hub trades almost all gift cards at the best rate depending on the supply and

demand chain of that gift card.

Where can I convert my Sephora gift cards to naira?

The sales of Sephora gift cards is a very easy task with our website. It is easy to use.

Immediately your card is confirmed and transactions are made; your Sephora gift card is

converted to naira and paid into your giftcards hub wallet.

How fast can I get paid?

Our Website runs 24/7. All payments are made within 5 minutes of the confirmed transaction.

Check here.

Is there a deadline for spending funds on my gift cards?

No, there is no deadline. Your funds will be paid into your local bank account whenever you

want them.


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