Latest Gist :Cybercrime: Two Convicted For Internet Fraud In Plateau

Two persons were on Thursday convicted of cybercrime criminal offense as they pleaded guilty of committing the crime that is punishable under section 309 of the Plateau State administration of criminal justice act.

Justice Christine Dabup of the Plateau State High Court No 3 handling the prosecution of criminal justice sentenced Mr. Chinaza Miracle Obida alias James hit and Obadare Obayemi to one Month in prison (a correctional center) or pay a fine of N120,000.00 for cheating and defrauding an American girl of the sum $989 as he promised to marry her name (Rose Kate).

The accused person (Mr. Obadare Obayemi ) who is standing trial presented himself as an American citizen’s resident in Africa for which he was arraigned under section 369 punishable by section 308 of the criminal justice law of Plateau state administration.

The prosecution counsel, Barr. S.N Robert told the court that the accused person has already pleaded guilty to committing the crime and should be convicted by sending him to the correctional center pursuant to section 284 administrative criminal justice law.

Source: Universal Reporters


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