Biography of Colonel Robert .M. Alvaro

Biography of Colonel Robert .m. Alvaro. From Georgia U.S.A born in March, 12, 1955 by Mr. Michael Alvaro. His mother Mrs. Maria Alvaro took him to U.K when he was little. He went to government primary school in United Kingdom. Some years later his mother died after the rest of his mother a teacher called Mr. lucky Remy took him some years later.

He return back to Georgia U.S.A where he entered military college Georgia also went to university of north Georgia, some years later he lost his beloved wife who left a son for him called franklin Alvaro. Colonel Robert. M. Álvaro is the Perry center's chief of security cooperation and interagency integration.

He is respiration for helping the center construct sustainable network of security and defends leader to promote policy understanding and mutually supportive approaches to security and defers challenge in the America's also responsible for integration of the center's activities with the office of the secretary of defense, the interagency, and two combatant command.


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