N.I.C Signed new Artist - Peter Godwill Nimjul ( Jimmy Kcrush )@N.I.C_Music

I am Peter Godwill Nimjul 
Popularly known as "Jimmy Kcrush" 
I live in Abattoir...was born in wase local government of plateau an relocate to Jigawa state were I study my primary school ( unity Nursery an primary school kiyawa jigawa state) an then attended my secondary school 
@Cooper memorial secondary school Langtang north plateau state 
Then finish my secondary school @Ad Jabal jos 
Music career started at the Age of 10 
My big brother inspired me
Cos he love Rapping an singing 
I admired the way he spit on
I told him big bro tell me the secret behind this 
He told me lil bro
Music is not practice music is talent an hard work..
I started rapping putting some shit in place 
An he told me boy you are good 
You are versatile keep it up
Then in 2019
I meet friends 
I inspired them too
We collaborate
An recorded our first  single 
I was surprise the song was all over the city 
I promise myself I can't 
Stop this 
An I meet a friend who
Turn boss 
@Flash sounds 
God bless you 
This is the beginning an the journey of my life 
*HOBBIES* love singing, love reading especially Bible 
  I'm currently signed to
@C.E.O *Flash sounds*

By C.E.O 👇

*Flash sounds*


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