Aro Okeigbo Blog set to launch website


Aro Okeigbo Blog  an  online news, Entertainment and Music platform in Arochukwu has set to launch her website on November 1st, 2020.

The Online platform made this known to the public on 8th, October 2020 which has it that "Our Official website for Aro Okeigbo Blog will be launched on 1st November 2020."

Following this announcement by the platform, people are now in anticipation anticipating for the launching of the Aro Okeigbo Blog Official website.

This announcement got some people talking hence it has been many peoples desires that this online Arochukwu platform should own a website which will make it possible for people to always visit and know the trends and happenings in Arochukwu without official contacting of the page.

During a brief interview between Okeigbo Baze and the Admin Aro Okeigbo Blog (Nnadozie Victor Onyemaobi) he disclosed that the website is categorised into many categories which includes,

Aro News

Aro Dignitaries

Arochukwu Tourist Sites

Arochukwu Histories

And many others.

The young man who is believed to not being a mere admin of the platform but may be the owner said, that the Website will be in an easy and friendly to users which will not be consuming much data and battery due to slow and heavy duties upon the hosting providers, he made known to news men that the website will be user friendly and data saving.

He also urged every Arochukwu Indigen who wish to publish anything on the website to contact them using any of the following methods,

WhatsApp number For Aro Okeigbo Blog: +2349074996094

Email address for Aro Okeigbo Blog:

You can contact them it you want to Advertise any of your products or publish a non plagiarism Content, any content or article that you wish to publish must be in relation with Arochukwu.

Further more he thanked everyone who has been with the platform, believing in them, knowing that they are reliable when it comes to Arochukwu Ancient Kingdom trends.


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