Nigerian Pipe Company, Nelmaco Global Resources Gets MANCAP Certificate From SON


Nigerian Pipe Company, Nelmaco Global Resources Gets MANCAP Certificate From SON

Agency in-charge of certifying products in Nigeria, the Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON), on 9th September 2020, presented the Mandatory Conformity Assessment Programme (MANCAP) certification to Nigeria first indigenous Pipe manufacturing company, NELMACO Global Resources.

The MANCAP certificate was presented to the Chairman/CEO of NELMACO, Amb. Nelson Mkparu, by the Acting State Coordinator, SON Plateau State northcentral Nigeria, Mrs Grace Nyitor Mwuese.

Delivering her Keynote Address, Mwuese said that the award certificate to NELMACO Pipe Manufacturing, shows that the company went through rigorous process of inspections and quality assurance in the past few years and has also demonstrated compliance to the relevant product standards and is providing products that meet consumer expectations and offer value for money among other benefits.

Stating further, she said “with the award of MANCAP’s certificate to NELMACO brands of pipes, we are demonstrating how standardization and conformance to standard offer strategic opportunities for increased efficiency, set bench marks and help promote Made-In-Nigeria products to the international market, as this award will boost NELMACO brand of pipes across borders. We are in effect saying that NELMACO Pipes is fit to be used in Nigeria and beyond”.

Giving his remarks, NELMACO boss, Amb. Mkparu, gave the assurance that his company will continue to employ international best practices in the production of its brand of pipes, so that they can compare favorably in terms of durability and quality assurance.

Ambassador Mkparu stated further that the company is producing affordable pipes ranging from NGR Quality casin pipes 140×6.5mmx4m, 140mmx4mmx4m, 160mmx6.2mmx4m, and 200mmx9.62mm x4m.

He said in the range of NGR UPVC Pipes the company produces 110mmx5.3mmx6m, 160mmx6.2mmx6m and 200mmx9.62mmx6m pipes.

However, in a Goodwill message, one of NELMACO’s loyal customer, Mr. Chris Nwanegbo said the attainment of MANCAP means increase in patronage as government who are his biggest clients will not hesitate to award him contracts knowing that he will always deliver with standardised products.

Our correspondent reports that the SON’s mission is to promote consumer confidence and global competitiveness of Made-in-Nigeria products and services through Standardization and Quality Assurance.

SON established the Mandatory product certification scheme (MANCAP) to ensure that locally manufactured products provide the required degree of satisfaction to consumers through compliance with applicable standards and government policies on standardization and conformity assessment.

A major attendant benefit of the SON certification to NELMACO pipes is hitch free exportation to other countries and mostly the African Countries.

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