[Music] Born Striker - Don't let me down (prod. Genesis of rhymes) #Arewapublisize

[Music] Born Striker - Don't let me down (prod. Genesis of rhymes) #Arewapublisize

Iconic music, a foremost record label from Lafia, Nasarawa state, Nigeria, under the leadership of "Abawa" presents "Don't let me down", a song by 'Born striker' an artist of Iconic music. Signed to iconic music newly, 'Born striker' will be your fav artist soon!! Delivery delivery, is all what we will be about,this time around.

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 #DLMD was produced by Genesis of rhymes, graphics by Dan sarki graphics, linked to us for promotion by Abawa, the record label CEO. Download 'Don't let me down' by 'Born striker and drop your comments.

Born striker - Don't let me down



In a brief interaction with iconicmusictrendz@gmail.com
BORN-STRIKKER opened up to us about several things and you can also get to know
more about the talented artist through this interview. We had the oppurtunity to be with the Nasarawa state born artiste and his manager and we had a great time with the very

_ What's Up! Who Is BORN-STRIKKER? Tell Us A Little About Yourself?
BORN-STRIKKER is a name, and i represent that Name nation wide, I was born and
brought up in Nasarawa State, Giza precely, I schooled in Nasarawa state. Music for me

started in secondary school, when i was in JSS2 I started miming then i moved on to
writing my own songs. A competition was staged in my school where the winner was to
represent the school. I won the competition twice and everything started from there.

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_ What Pushed And Motivated You To Go Into Music?
From what I've noticed and checked, Music is in me, it is what i grew up to like, basically
it's a huge part of me and it's my talent.

_ Why Rap and hip hope at same time?
I felt it's what i do best. I can't do what i don't know how to do. That's why i chose Rap
and singing my own chorus.

_ What Brought About The Name BORN-STRIKKER ?
Everybody knows what Born means and what it represents: Born tells more about the
striker, it modifies the striker which means I was born to strike any musical intrumental
that comes my way so my friends coined the name themself.

_ How do you do combining music with academics
It's pretty difficult combining music and academics. I create time for my music and i
create time for my academics. When i'm in school i give more attention to my education
than to my music. Most times when i am in school, I don't record, I only go for shows
that are very important .

_ Are You Under Any Record Label?
Yeah, I recently was signed under a record label names ICONIC MUSIC ENT. They are
more of a clothing line but the music aspect is just starting up.
_ What Would Be Your Dream Collaboration With Any Rapper?
I will like to do a song with Classiq Phyno, Olamide and Falz. Internationally I would go with Chris Brown and Lil Wayne.

_ What Moment Has Been Your Most Amazing Moment On Stage?
I attended a show alongside wit Elbo, Genesis_of_rhyme, Raven, I was shown so much
love by the fans and it felt soo nice!
_ Professionally, Whats Your Goal?
My goal is to see the result of my hardwork, to try as much as possible to be consistent
as an artist and release Hits after Hits.

☀New song: hce ft BB. Trust and Mr. K. One_jaiye (prod. Gzik)

_ What's The Best Piece Of Advice You Have Been Given As A Musician?
I've had the opportunity to be among many A-List artists, guys like , Raven,Elbo , Genesis
of rythmes and others, recently i was on a show and normal basis but After the show,
they will walked up to me and told me to keep up the good work and continue to be
hardworking. My mum and manager, Comrade ABAWA MASUD USMAN consistently
advice me especially when the going gets tough.
_ What Do You Like Most About Your Work?
I speak through my music, it's a platform to reach out to the people, It is faster and a
point of advantage to air my opinions.

_ What Is Your Dream Project?
I have alot, It's all dreams and we pray for the dream to come true! I am going to have a
hit album and basically in a year or two, i should be able to afford my own things, my car,
my house and take good care of my family and people who have been there for me.

_ How Do You Cope With Your fans?
It's complicated but i love and value my fans alot, they show me so much love and as an
artist you shouldn't joke with your fans.

_ Do You Have A Girlfriend?
YES I do and her name is Amina.
_ What Are The Qualities You Look For In A Woman?
I would like to keep the qualities i look out for in a woman personal.
_ Where Do You Draw Your Inspiration From?

I draw my inspiration from people around me and the things i see everyday. I also sit
with people in the streets and i get to know what they want.
_ When Next Are We Expecting A Single From You?
I have alot of unreleased songs but i am dropping a song anytime soon, that's in few
days time and trust me the song is going to be a banger cause i worked on it very well.

* Okay, Let's Ask Your Manager Some Questions [Comr. MASUD Manager]
_What's Your Biggest Challenge As A Manager?
My biggest challenge is to make sure i make all my signed artistes a big artistes and a
stars in the nearest future, and make them very successful too. Support all my artistes
to achieve their goals in every and any way i can.
*** [Back To BORN-STRIKKER ]
_ Where Do You See Yourself In The Nearest Future?
I see myself at the top, I see myself becoming that artist that everybody will look up to
and love
_ What message do you have for your fans?
I would like to give a very big shout-out to everyone supporting me and a massive Thank

You to my fans, without them they is no ICONIC MUSIC ENT. and BORN-STRIKKER.
Thanks Alot BORN-STRIKKER ! We appreciate your time, thanks for honoring our
invitation, God Bless!
Interview By iconicmusictrendz@gmail.com


BORN-STRIKKER will be interviewe with Nasarawa state broadcasting station

Keep supporting ICONIC MUSIC THANKS.


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