Event : Ellaz Ignite -( powered by Aza)

Good day everybody, my name is isko aza the founder of aza movement and the brain boi behind ellaz ignite💥 show. 
The ellaz ignite show is a music concert that is set to bring the youth together(youth connect)  and also to appreciate some of the youths that have been giving our ellaz city good names in different platforms e.g through music, dance, poet, comedy,acting,  education, sport and politics, youth that are also trying there best to put ellaz city on the map world wide with a wonderful image, 
The ellaz city is bless with different people with different amazing talent and skills, so diz show is giving everybody a free platform and chance to showcase there different talent #u don't know who and who dat will be coming in the show,  maybe u will jus have a chance of meeting somebody that will help u on yur talent or skill... The ellaz ignite show will be on the (28 of December 2020 in langtang north) please invite and tell everyone u know.. Thank u famz💕✌✊


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