University.secondary school or NYSC _which of this Phases of Life Did You Get Sex The Most?


In A uni/poly/College of Edu, there are many young girls around ready to explore the life and freedom they’ve never had.

Most especially the “omo get inside ” girls.
Lots of virgins, semi virgins, tight kpekus everywhere.😂
To make it easier, just have a small car you dey manage plus a good crib and a good dress sense, you go fvck till your dick peel for University.
For secondary school, if you’re lucky to be a fine boy with good dress sense and neatness, you go knack, it’s just that you need to have courage to toast.
You see that NYSC, it’s also very easy to fornicate there, too many stranded girls during the service year that just wanted girl that will be servicing them all through NYSC.
Guys, let’s hear from you 👇

University, Secondary School Or NYSC – Which Of These Phases Of Life Did You Get Sex The Most?

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