LET'S TALK FACTS!!! old lil kesh is far better than current Naira Marley-- DO YOU AGREE?


LET’S TALK!!! Old Lil Kesh Is Far Better Than Current Naira Marley – DO YOU AGREE?

Although I get am before no be celebrity, but I think Old Lil Kesh is every ramification comparable to the new Naira Marley.

You even can’t tell me this is a baseless comparison, if we can always compare the new Messi to the old Ronaldinho, then we can do this.
Lil Kesh was also a force to reckon during his prime, while he was still signed under then YBNL imprint, the Mr YAGI was always seen as the street king protege after Olamide.
In Lil Kesh’s prime every fvcking single was hit, back-to-back, from Lyrically, to Shoki, to Efejoku. Even some of his tracks after YBNL exit like “No Fake Love“, “Shele Gan Gan” are all monster hits.
Now, Naira Marley is at the very peak of his prime, his EFCC tussle and relationship with Rexxie birthed many monster hits and a well defined strong fanbase called “The Marlians“.
Naira Marley’s hottest period as an artist was when he had songs like OpotoyiSoapyIssa Goal and Tesumole.

What Differentiates Naira Marley From Lil Kesh

👉 Naira Marley’s beats are monotonous, they sound the same such that you can sing Opotoyion Soapy beat.
👉 Lil Kesh is a dynamic street acts that do well on different beats. Check all Lil Kesh’s songs, they come with a different vibe.
👉 Naira Marley has a well-defined fanbase that became stronger when he was still in EFCC custody and he was able to maintain the fan base after getting freedom.
👉 Unlike Naira Marley, Lil Kesh has no defined fanbase, he drops songs at the mercy of all music lovers in Nigeria. No one is passionate about his brand.
Talking about the quality of songs by both artists, the question is 👇

Do You Think Old Lil Kesh Is Far Better Than Current Naira Marley?

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