Biography of Ultimate Dr Sir Chidoo Warrior.

Am Chidoo Undertaker Warrior popularly known by the stage name Ultimate Dr Sir Chidoo Warrior, born on the 15th of March 1982 to the family of late Mr. Thomas Mmaduabuchukwu Duke and Mrs. Cordelia Nwakaego Duke from Umuechem Okporo in Orlu local government area of Imo state. The first and ordained son of six (6) siblings. Had my primary school education in Afor Igwe Primary school Umuigwe Agbadala Achi in Enugu state, though didn't go further in education due to financial constraints.
photo of Ultimate Dr Sir Chidoo Warrior.

I started my music career while still in primary school and of which I moved to Lagos after my primary school where I joined a band group named John Player International Band of Nigeria as a vocalist, performed with them for a year and six months before joining another band group known as Twins Brother International Band Imo state. 

After gaining and acquiring much experience and exposure from the bands mentioned above, I formed my own band group which I named Chidoo Brothers International Band of Africa which was known and famous in Igbo highlife music scene where I released many songs of which includes Uwa Agbala Uka; Onye Anya Ukwu; Onye Oshi; Uwa Esiela ike; Akachukwu Di Ya; Tribute to Ultimate Dr Sir Warrior and hosts of others. 
photo of Ultimate Dr Sir Chidoo Warrior.

After some years in the music industry here in Nigeria, moved outside the shores of the country to seek for a more greener pasture in Algre in Algeria where in advance into making of movies, writing quotes, scriptwriter, inspirational and motivational speaker among others. Married to three (3) wives named; Nariman, Amel and Happiness blessed with a son, Undertaker Chidoo Warrior Jnr. and two (2) girls.

To the glory of God, am a Nigerian music performer, songwriter, Actor, Scriptwriter, music maker, music & film producer, Director, Author, inspirational & motivational speaker, spiritual leader, Human Rights Director, spiritual interpreter, Lord of the ministry and a prophet.

My famous quotes includes; No man is my friend No man is my enemy Every man is my teacher, Such is Life, I live for this and I love it, Music is my life, Never give up, Nothing last forever, Life goes on and many more others. My quotes page on Facebook is Ultimate Dr Sir Chidoo.
Famous movies includes; Rest in Peace, No Mercy, My Arab Wife, The Beginning and End of Ultimate Dr Sir Chidoo Warrior, Underworld Revelations, The Military, Chidoo Brothers and many more others.


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