[Jos Gist] -Virginboi Elvid - is No longer a virgin again||JOS24XCLUSIVE||

How true could this be???
Someone said that Virginboi Elvid is no more a virgin because he has a Son. With VirginBoi resent post he posted that His Sons are lovely. Which gat us wandering how true is it.But after an interview with him by my crew today he explained to us that he don't have any Son. Elvid Said"Am too young to have a child at my present age" VirginBoi Elvid goes further by telling us that he will drop something soon.
It been two years now after Elvid dropped his single track titled "SKELEMAMA" skelemama was a Love song that maked it way out of Jos city.The song was played on different Radio station in Jos and Lagos.
Even after dropping Skelemama Virginboi Elvid always have his own way of trending in the city of Jos.
I got surprise today when the celebrity opened up to us today that so far it just one track he dropped over the passed years, But many features from different artist.
He said he has good musics to feed our ears and soul with
God bless Jos Entertainment and God bless VirgimBoi Elvid
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