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[ am] Julfa Vkem: Am Julfa Vongkem
From Langtang i was born and raised in Langtang school at BSS Gindiri graduated last year still seeking for admission am 17
Year old my dad is pastor and I speak 3 languages that is Taroh, English, and Housa I love reading n sleeping
Funny enough I am that shy type 😝
 I am the third born in the family of six 3 boys 3 girl
And also I love
 making friends especially girls
And one thing that keep me moving is my friends the are my brothers
And one word that keep motivating me is (never u plan for failure
 Less I forget I am poet I write poems
And also I am a lover of music that just a little about me

Tanks lot I hope you enjoy
Reding it
He one of the trap boiz poet writer
Multi talent act

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